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Sunday, August 23, 2009

White Flower

This photograph has one white flower that has bloomed and the other barely opened.


  1. Que imagen mas bella, una flor muy elegante y preciosa.
    Un saludo

  2. Hello Lenora. Your pictures are so subtle that I have immersed myself in the past of some research I made on the pigmentation. Can not find them yet. The little I remember is that these white flowers have a link with albinism, (this to genetics). In terms of botany, I believe these flowers have lost their capacity for photosynthesis, the formation of petals corresponds to albinism: the wave of light is not hindered, rather it broadcasts a Similar to the white clouds in the sky (scattered drops of water), and albino humans, melanin in small amounts spread over the skin. Lenora, you make me warm my little brain. J'adore! Congratulations to correlate your articles with all other bloggers. Bookman

  3. Building up its character in the shadow of the already open flower - what a nice reflection of life.


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