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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I am a photographer. I sit and stare at my self-portrait and look deep within myself, deep within these dark brown eyes. It’s like staring into a mirror. I gaze with question. What can I learn from this portrait? What can I learn from me?


  1. Beautiful self-portrait Lenora.
    You certainly look deep in thought.

  2. Behold the true beauty, you gaze at your soul, how deep will you look to see the REAL you, past the illusion of the body..............

  3. Black and White makes a great self-portrait.

    ..I need a Beer!

  4. Beautiful indeed.
    Assume that 'asking questions to oneselve' might be one of the most difficult means to move, but probably the most valueable as well.

  5. Don't ask too may questions; just admire your portrait (as I do)! :-)


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