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Friday, July 3, 2009


Trachemys scripta elegans

This is a juvenile Red-eared Slider turtle was sun bathing on a rock at the Fullerton Arboretum, Ca. The turtle and I were watching each other for a while. And as you can tell, he (or she) got comfortable with me being around, as he layed there stretching too.


  1. These pix are so cool especially the one of the turtle stretching! Vibrant colors.

  2. What a fantastic tortoise !! This is so beautiful !! Great post..I will definitely follow this beautiful blog now..Do check my another blog also i.e.Unseen Rajasthan

  3. That's one showoff of a turtle!

  4. What amazing captures of the turtle!!

  5. Thanks all, this was a fun day. I can sit all day watching nature!

  6. After spending nearly a whole night without sleep, as my little son was waking up too often, would love to spend a few hours becoming your turtle, stretching for life and its many surprises.
    Very good photography of yours!


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