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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Leader of the Pack

Leader of the Pack & Fireworks Burst
This is from last year and I call the first photograph "Leader of the Pack", as it looks like a bunch of Ostriches running strong. One leader and the rest following!! The second photograph is a exciting burst of a firework display. Happy Birthday America and Happy 4th to everyone! Tonight, I anticipate to find another animal in the sky!


  1. Hello, how are you? Thank's for add to my blog. That's very kind of you. Thank you again for visiting my blog.
    The pics are like a hazy. Beatiful but when you look for a long it's like motion sickness. Impress!
    A bear hug froMurcia.

  2. This is brilliant. Never shot fireworks, we have them in November. This to celebrate the non- destruction of parliament. Beggars the question. What would we have done if they had succeeded? You inspire me to have a go at them, cloud ceiling of twenty feet might cause a problem mind.


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