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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Where is the rain?

They keep saying that it's suppose to rain...and during my walk this morning with my hubby at the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary, it was evident that rain is needed! I took this photograph being it is beautiful and sad all at the same time. This made me think about conservation, people, fauna & flora on this one earth. There are many small things that one can do to help, such as:
**Water wisely**Opt-out of junk mail**Recycle** get the picture!
Let's all do our best to conserve.


  1. good show slinky. look forward to seeing more.
    all the best.
    nikonsniper steve

  2. You blog looks great so far. Nice photos. My blog is more writing than photography but stop by sometime.

  3. Thanks everyone for the wonderful messages! I am so new at this blog thingy and encouraging words really make my day!!


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