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Sunday, June 14, 2009


This stunning tree was damaged by the hands of someone who is namelesss.

Despite this, it's still so green and healthy.

Without exception, the timber tries to repair itself.

I stare at the deep openings and question who would do such a thing? I will go back often to monitor it's progress.
Good luck tree!


  1. Sort of like the human spirit. A lot of resilience. Great photo and thought.

  2. Tower 2 and Surf City Lights are pretty cool photos. I guess seeing your location I am drawn to how your see and capture that particular world...which may not have much of Mother Nature's hand in it. Thank you for becoming a Follower of Tampa Daily Photo. Visit Tampa Florida Photo and Tampa Bay Daily Photos when you have a chance. (Let me know what you think.) You may like that photography as well. Again, thanks for sharing with us with your blog.

  3. Like nature, man is sometimes uncontrollable, but to come to the photo, objectively, the subject is a good choice, the tree, that's life, and more, soon, especially if you like, do not hesitate to become a loyal subscriber of Bookman, and you add a new branch, as interesting as the others. Bookmanie.

  4. Oh, excuse me. I forgot. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Bye.

  5. It's always sad to see how people destroy nature! Very good photo:)

  6. Never underestimate the willpower of a tree! Nice photo.

  7. il y a des image fort vraiment de belle photo beau travaille


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