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Monday, June 15, 2009

Collage Monday

Taken at UCI Arboretum


  1. Hi Slinky! You've got beautiful photos on your blog and interesting thoughts. The flower is really delicate. I didn't know that UCI has an arboretum & will have to make it over there some day soon. Have you ever gone to the Beall Center for Art and Technology? I'm curious to hear a photographer's report on it.

  2. Hi Tash - YES, UCI has an arboretum. Last weekend, they had a plant sale and parking was free! The arboretum isn't big and has paths. I like to sit on the benches and watch all the birds. I have many photos of that day to post. Down the street is the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary, which I love to go to. You should check it out too. And no, I haven't been to Beall Center...thanks for the heads-up.


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