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Saturday, January 22, 2011


Click on this link below to see my new friend!

Life is good when you get to view these wonderful creatures on earth.
On this day, I was running around house going a million miles an hour when I heard that familar sound. I grabbed my camera and switched to video mode and captured my friend pecking. It's days like these that I get to sit back for 10 minutes or so and enjoy simple pleasures in my own backyard. Life is good.
Any feedback as identification of this woodpecker is apprecaited.


  1. Lovely video Lenora.
    I can't help with the ID, but it's quite a wildlife haven you have there; along with the Hummingbird, must be great to have those visitors to the yard/garden.

  2. I love your birdphotos, as you know, the woodpecker is fabulous,

  3. @ Janine - Thanks! You are so sweet and I hope to post many more.
    @ Keith - no worries. I need to go into the bird identifier site that I use to help. No hummingbird nest near me this time, however, I am keeping me eyes open.


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