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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Simple Sundy

Last Sunday at went down to Main Street to get an ice cream. I didn’t want anything fancy…just good ole vanilla ice cream on a cone.  I paid what was due and couldn’t wait to taste it. There’s something about these yummy treats that take me back to when I was a child. Life as I see it...simple, no worries really, and just fun. So now the young lady hands me my ice cream cone and off I go. The anticipation is too much that I forget to pick up some napkins and exit the building. The fist lick is always the best - besides the last you know. I sit right outside the parlor on a huge circle planter with seating, as I begin to enjoy my treat. In spite of this, my ice cream begins to melt. The warmth of cool evening air launches the start of thawing, therefore had to go get those napkins. The rest, well you get the picture, right? A simple Sunday.


  1. Looks so tempting Lenora.
    Have a great week.

  2. Simple pleasures can be the best.
    That looks so tempting ;)


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