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Thursday, June 17, 2010


Today we brought home this handsome dog. We rescued him by adopting this 1 year old Black Labrador from a local shelter. He is a breathtaking animal, who is now a part of your family. Right now he is little groggy from the surgical procedure that was a requirement, but is coming out of it good. No sickness, not hungry....a little thirsty though. As he walks around the house, taking in all of the smells, he wags his tail as he knows that he is finally home.

At the shelter, there were two other people that wanted to adopt him, so a lottery was held. As the shelter staff folds each paper with three different names, I sit there and am already setting myself up for rejection. The staff member announces that the lottery will begin now. I can't even stand it. So many thoughts were going through my head; along with many prayers...they reach in and pull out the winner. He calls my name! Wow, he called my name and I get to adopt this amazing Labrador.

Now I sit here at home and watch "Major" walk around and try to take it all in. He is thin, yet strong, He is groggy, yet grateful. He is now neutered, yet all male. He is ours. He is our Major!


  1. Congrats! To you and to Major for finding such a great family. So lucky for you both.

  2. A very lucky Major now, to have such caring owners now. He's a handsome chap. I'm sure you'll have some great times together.

  3. A great animal.
    Well done Lenora.

  4. Congratulations! So nice that he has found a happy home. I know he will bring you many happy days too.


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