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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

van Gogh

On my photo quest on Saturday, I came across van Gogh...well van Gogh the pooch! The lady explained that she adopted this abused K9. And yes, he only has one ear due to the abuse he endured. She said that he might bite but as you can see I got down to his level and chatted with him for a while. He rolled around and rubbed his nose in the grass. Nice meeting you van Gogh!


  1. He has also so warm brown eyes! I love this dog!!!

  2. He s a beautiful dog Lenora.
    And you have taken a great photo of him.

  3. Beats me how someone could do that to an animal.
    Poor old van Gogh. At least he's loved now.

  4. Thanks for the wonderful comments. I do believe that van Gogh is soooo loved now. I could tell that he had lived a hard life, yet was happy, content and releived now.


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