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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Interesting Pieces

During my nature walk yesterday, I came across several pieces of wood or trees that had an interesting look. What do you see when you view these photos?


  1. I would hope these were done or cut like this for some purpose. It is hard to tell, these days, why some are cut a certain way and not others.

  2. Interesting shapes Lenora.
    First one reminds me of some creature, moving along with long arms and legs. lol

  3. Abe - great comment! Just to let everyone know, these piece were not purposely wasted or intentionally cut. They're trees that have fallen, cleared, some cut and placed along the path. Keith - I love the first one too! This pine tree's lower half branches were growing in a interesting way...that I had to click a pic.

  4. I see really interest in what you've found and I think I'd explore them with my camera in all sorts of ways to see what approach is complementary to their nature. Macros, moody monochromes, deep perspective, down low, up high, in misty conditions, when the sun is low in early morning or late evening. SO much potential!!


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