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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My first Art Walk

Is up bright and early! ~~HUNTINGTON BEACH ART WALK IS TONIGHT~~ Excited!! So much that I can't stand it...good though! lol. Thx to John, my kids, my mom (sending me good vibes from Riverside...get better) my cuz Sonia, my friends Chris & Karen, good ole friends Michelle & Bev, Valerie & Suzanne, a few others from work... like Mike & Tony (hope to see you) and all others who are coming out to see me on Main Street. TODAY is going to be a GOOD DAY ; ) : ) : -)

I will be diplaying & selling some prints and lots of photograhy note cards. My specialty...writing in the sand. It's a huge favorite.
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  1. Good luck with it Lenora. Hope it's a great success for you. :)

  2. Thanks Keith! It was a beautiful day in HB and did pretty good. Had lots of supports, even the newspaper reporter came and took pics. What a great evening it was. I will be back in May 2010.


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