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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Can we please have some more Slinky?

I love to wake up in the morning and hear hummingbirds outside. This male (I assume), has a lot to say as he flies in the air and dives downward. Back and forth he goes. He wastes a lot of energy doing this and gets nourishment from the feeder.
Good, isn't it?
Not much left since the babies been flying around. Today I need to make up a batch and refill.


  1. He's a beauty Lenora.
    They must use up a lot of energy hovering above flowers to feed. The feeder makes things easier for them :)

  2. I'll second that he is gorgeous.

  3. You made some sensationell photos again. Since your hummingbird- posts I fell totally in love with that birds
    Have a great sunday

  4. I need to give him a name, as he will be my neighboor for a while. Any suggestions?


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