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Saturday, December 5, 2009

A bit of Red

A nice little creature outside in my backyard. He was very curious and just moving along as we watched each other.


  1. Looks very much like one of our House Finches that recently left here for warmer climes.

  2. Had a typo!!
    Thanks Abe...I'm not that good at identifying birds, however, to me it did look like a finch. I live in Orange County, CA where it is warm, even though it's been getting a bit cold. Praying for some rain!

  3. Hello from Greece. Love all your pics Lenora. I also like watching the birds and take shot at them when i can but cant identify all. The hawks i ve posted in my blog are back and they have started repairing their nest for this season. I have the video of their young chicks from last year somewhere in the blog. Check it at
    Have a nice day.


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