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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

09-09-09 Once in a lifetime...

The date 09-09-09 will never happen again in my lifetime. So my birthday today is a special one. It's exciting you know?!? I'm not sure if I feel older, yet I feel very young at heart. Others say that I look pretty good for my age, which I will NOT mention (he he).

Lots of other good things are suppose to occur today. And even though I have to work today...later and the days to come with be celebrated with family and friends from now until Sunday. Who knows...maybe even until next week. Happy Birthday to me and all those on this day too!


  1. Happy Birthday! I'm sure it will indeed be a lucky day.

  2. Happy birthday Lenora.
    A very special day. :)

  3. Happy birthday! And you look so gorgeous and young, not a day over [insert age, subtract 7]!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You look great, don't even count the years and after having another "big one", you WILL definitely no more count...LOL.. it happened to me too that way :)

    ENJOY your day, enjoy your life, the future is here to fast - have fun!!

    Sue's Daily Photography

  5. Dear Lenora, I hope you had a great birthday.
    No matter how old you are, you look phantastic.


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