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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Red Interior

As we walk along the sidewalk and check out all of the classic vehicles...this fire red interior reminds me of my first car. Red carpet, red seats, red visors, red steering wheel, red everything! After a while, I really started to hate the color of red and my first owned vehicle. It only gave me one good year, before it broken down, however, the memories that it gave me are still rich and long term.


  1. That is bold! And very different. Great impact.

  2. Hi Lenora
    What a cool photo!
    That is hot hot hot.
    Have a nice sunday.

  3. Hello Lenore. The color red attracts the eye more easily since it is the longest wavelength, so the slower, easier to grasp by our receivers, it is hardly mins faster than infrared, which is the limit color. After the infrared, the wavelength absorbed by the water gives no color (transparency of the water). This color is more easily assimilated gifts and a big event is linked in the past with this color, this event will come more easily from your memory ... Bookman.

  4. Lenore, I love this shot. I really enjoy old cars and I like the fact that it is monochromatic, nicely done!


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