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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I walk behind these profound footprints and know that if I walk in these tracks, I will leave no way. They are meaningful to the one who left them behind. I capture the path with this reflection. The scent in the air is nautical. I carry on.


  1. again a very impressive photo. please have a nice friday. please excuse for not saying anything more intelligent, but am (just once again) too impressed by both the photography and words.

  2. PakKaramu & Joo - thanks so much.

    Robert - no worries. It is hard for me a most of the time to type words. I am more of a photo gal, however, I am pleased that you are enjoying it all.


  3. Wonderful foot print and great post.........

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  4. Hi Lenora
    that is a LOVELY photo!!

    Why don't you join my photoclub, its a lot of fun! We have a montly theme where you submit a few photos if you want.



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