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Saturday, August 29, 2009


We miss you buddy!


  1. What a beautiful baby, all dressed up in his little tuxedo!

    I love how you portray your work - so elegant and professional.


  2. All cats are my friends. Their agility fascinates me. The only thing that saddens me a bit is that they sleep a lot. It's too long a waste of time. You Lenora, you are very agile, you're an author prolérifiques, you do not sleep when you're awake, you always fall on your legs. Congratulations for all that you do, you will reward patience. Bookman.

  3. Oh he is so beautiful. He looks regal, and all knowing. Love the all black chin. I'm so sorry you are without him... for now. And I will always hold onto the belief that they wait for us on the other side of the clouds. Just like the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you for stopping by the tree house. synchronicity happened between us. =]

  4. I miss mine too. You can see the picture on my blog, mine was a female. Check the post with the label "Friends".

  5. great photos and powerful memories.
    nikonsniper steve


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