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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lots of Sand

In this photograph, there is a lot of sand and a little bit of seaweed. The ocean current rolls in and out, as the pattern of the sand changes each time. Never the same.


  1. HI Lenora,
    The vision is not the most representative of the thought. It is an additional element, only the writing, (the code) is the most faithful of thought. All the elements of nature reflected waves in this example can be clearly seen, the light you are talking about in a previous article is for something, not what you see here, but if the sun would not, do you think the wind (waves) exist? The wind is formed by a displacement of high pressure to low pressure (hot and cold it for something) which on contact with water, leads a movement ... Continue to present interesting articles (pictures, since it is one of your languages.) The photo, if it is decoded with a receiver equivalent, under similar conditions (Equal vision, natural elements external example if I look your picture in a sauna with a clouded view on the different receive), may reflect the thinking...

  2. Interesting pattern made by the waves.

  3. Bookmanie - I do not understand/follow this one? I am not a writer, just a photographer. I speak through my photos.

    holdingmoments - I like the patterns this day.


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