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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jury Walls

I stare at these grey patterned walls, as I sit and sit and wait for them to call my name. My badge hangs from my black and white blouse with just a number on it. As I listen and watch their videos...they say that Fairness, Integrity, Responsiveness and Responsibility is our civic duty. And by working together to achieve justice for all. These walls have seen many, day in and day out. These are Jury Walls.


  1. I love this post--your thoughts and the image of the wall. One without the other wouldn't have been so powerful.

    I'm wondering, though, how did you get a camera into the courthouse? Didn't they question why you had a camera, or try to take it away? So glad they didn't.

  2. Hi Linda - It was from my webcam on my laptop. They actually let you bring your laptop and have free WiFi. Boy have times changes. Someone, get me out of here! The walls are closing in.

  3. Oh, the pains of civic duty! Is he guilty? Is it a murder trial? I have never had the pleasure. Good luck to you.

  4. Don't know about a gray wall, but really enjoyed your other images, will be back when time allows. Thank you for posting some captivating stuff.


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