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Monday, July 20, 2009


I sit on the pier and imagine and ponder about my dream camera. The images that I scroll through seem beautiful, however, I dream of more. I dream of what I could do. As others pass me with their dream cameras, I sit with envy. The people pass me and have no idea. I dream of having something bigger and better. I say to myself, someday. I dream.


  1. I know that dream too Lenora. lol

    A beautiful sunset; a perfect end to any day.

  2. You're a dreamer Lenora:) Gorgeous photo!!!!

  3. H. E. Nossack, German writer, wrote: 'What can't be dreamed of, has no reality.'
    Wish you to make your dreams come true and a nice start into the new week as well.

  4. Dreaming in the sunset, beautiful colors. There is danger with this dream, the price. ;)

  5. Your images are beautiful. It's not the camera that "makes" the image, it's the photographer. Surely better equipment allows us to do more and be more creative. Don't give up the dream, but don't discount your talent/gift while dreaming the dream.

  6. I am honored with the encouraging comments. Sometimes I question my work with the limitations I have.


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